I am Krista, the powerful Kosmic Rockstar. Gardener and nurturer of life and love, creative source of well-being.

KRock is a crystal child with magic hands. She holds a creative magnetic ability to bring life and healing and vibrancy to all living beings. She can be seen as a refraction of crystal rays splaying out in all directions.

Please use the menu above to explore my different passions.

My Story

Hello, my name is Krista. I am here as a support for those who are ready to realize their potential and come into their power. I experienced much pain as a child from being abused, to being sheltered and raised in a cult. In my 20’s I experienced the pain of an abusive and controlling relationship which increased my struggle with depression and anxiety. I thought through all of this I had experienced the depths of pain when in 2017 I was arrested and thrown in jail which set me on a course of deeply exploring trauma and healing. Through the many ups and downs of my life I have come full circle multiple times and have learned so much. Through radical acceptance I was able to transform pain into bliss. I am not perfect nor do I have all the answers, but I believe that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. As a holistic therapist I am here to guide you through your experiences and help illuminate the bright light inside.

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