Ah driving! I love the freedom of an open road and a full gas tank. What I do not particularly like is driving when other cars are anywhere near me as they impede my ability to move quickly. I developed a way of driving that seemed so effective not only at weaving through traffic but… Continue reading Pass


If I had one message to all people I would say this: you can do whatever you want and you can be whoever you want. If there is anything in this world that you desire. You can have it: it can be yours. All that is required of you is to have faith. All that… Continue reading Message


   I remember learning about Yule as a child, being particularly interested in the tradition of burning a Yule log. My mother read to me stories of 17th century Europeans burning a massive log in honor of winter solstice and as a symbol of hope and celebration for the return of the sun.  This year… Continue reading Yule


This is progesterone. It is different than progestin, its synthetic look alike, and today I am going to explain why that difference is so important to me. Both progesterone and progestin are critical hormones in the ovulation process, if there is no fertilization these hormones kick in and activate the period. Progesterone has many health… Continue reading Progesterone