Blessed Full Moon

Blessed full moon, this cold moon. The last of such fullness we see before Yule, after which the wheel turns another cycle towards longer lighter days. The seeds I have been planting every moon, seasons turn, and celestial shower are starting to grow. What wonders a heart that knows what it wants and eyes who… Continue reading Blessed Full Moon

I Didn’t Talk for 10 Days, and I Loved It!

When I received an invitation to attend Quepasana — a ten day silent meditation course practicing the meditation style of vipassana — I knew by the tears that began streaming down my cheeks and the fire in my belly that I had to be there. The course is completely volunteer led, financially supported by donations… Continue reading I Didn’t Talk for 10 Days, and I Loved It!

Is Helping Helpful?

I think about other people a lot. Especially those closest to me. I think it is natural that we have collectively learned that wanting to support our loved ones comes from a caring place. I dug beneath my personal desires to help and have found a similar pattern. In seeking to connect with someone else… Continue reading Is Helping Helpful?