What Happened to My Business?

When I was first coached on running my own business as a means to leave a job I hated I felt it was my chance to finally birth my lifelong dream of being a counselor. Although I lacked an advanced college degree or fancy credentials, my life experience and training in holistic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy felt like enough to launch my business.

My baby business was Light as a Feather and as I grew Angel Ray Therapy was established which combined counseling, Reiki, and yoga. I was passionate about helping others become empowered and overcome major obstacles such as leaving a toxic job or relationship, overcoming addictions, healing from trauma and PTSD, and recovering from a religious past which I called Religion Rehab.

After a year of committing to this passion my person life went under some major shifts and movements. Since then I shut down Angel Ray Therapy as I took the time to deeply consider what it is I want to do.

I have learned quite a bit about myself since letting myself off the hook of running and promoting a business. First of all, the pressure of building clientele to sustain myself was heavy. I still counsel friends through life challenges and I still offer Reiki healings and even classes on occasion, but I don’t make it a goal to do these things: they come to me when the time is right. I felt that I should support myself financially through other means for a while and let my healing practice simmer on its own.

Second I learned a huge lesson in stepping back from trying to help people. Although I might want to offer advice and support, it isn’t always my place to be someone’s counsel. I believe that we all have everything we need inside of us, and attempting to help others sometimes left me feeling like there was an implied weakness in the other person. This is not a philosophy I want to support, so I changed my actions away from helping others and turned towards helping myself. We all need support sometimes but I felt the need to stop trying to help others and to let it happen on its own, by being myself.

Now that I have contemplated these lessons for a while I felt the desire to share with my friends and followers my journey. I still want to support others in any way I can. I am always available for phone or in person counseling sessions, yoga, and reiki (Check out my Angel Ray Therapy page to learn more). I would love to have a Religion Rehab support group, does this interest you? I share all this to say that I am here for my community and for my world. I may not be actively advertising what I offer, but I am always just a message away. 💛

Look in the Mirror

Today I eye gazed with myself.

I found that in the past year or so I have looked in the mirror a lot less, and this subtle change has had an evolutionary impact. In some ways I feel more human, comfortable without expectation. I also realized that in some ways I forgot about my own beauty.

I gave myself a chance to really look at myself. My lips, my chin, my eyes and my eye lashes. My smile and my teeth. My whole face and then my whole body.
Wow I am amazing! I am beautiful! I am real and raw and fresh like a strong stick of bamboo.

I am thankful. I am filled with gratitude and love.

Every thread in the tapestry is exquisetly unique. What a privilege to be part of such a beautiful world. 🎋

Theme // Where Do I Stand?

I recently subscribed to an email list for bloggers who want to build their success. Although I began this blog more for fun and less for business, I found myself intrigued to see what I could learn from the emails. One of the recommendations was to have a specific blog theme. I have been pondering, what is my theme? What would I like it to be? This leads me to then pondering:: what is the theme of my life? What is my message? I have decided to share my life mission and core beliefs that drive me.


I feel that my message is one of empowerment, encouragement, and love.

I believe strongly in faith, confidence, and a worldview where everyone is powerful and valuable.

I practice that there is no right or wrong, or better or worse, but different. Staying free from judgement allows for safe space of acceptance for all.

I aim to encourage all people ((including myself!)) to love and accept ourselves fully. With this love we can then love each other fully.

I stand for truth and for the confidence and freedom to be unashamedly myself so that I might encourage others to do the same.

I say no to struggle, fear, and suffering. If I feel this way I acknowledge it and let it flow through me. But…

I have unending faith. I believe that everything is always okay. Everything always works out perfectly. Everything is in perfect time.

Best of all I know that I am abundantly blessed and constantly protected.

I believe in sharing, this is why I bother to write. Life does not have to be hard or beat you up. I figured out how to take my power back and build myself up and all I want to do is help others do the same. Sometimes it is hard to receive advice or counsel from others. I hope that learning through the Internet helps it to feel less personal and you can take what you want and leave the rest. No one is perfect and yet we are all perfect just the way we are.

Much love to all who read this.