Ah driving! I love the freedom of an open road and a full gas tank. What I do not particularly like is driving when other cars are anywhere near me as they impede my ability to move quickly. I developed a way of driving that seemed so effective not only at weaving through traffic but it helped keep me satisfied as a defensive driver. 

What I hadn’t thought about was how many people I had mindlessly cut off or unintentionally been rude to. It simply had not crossed my mind! Until recently. I realized that in always trying to get ahead I was growing an angry demon inside of me. The act of putting myself first and someone else second was lowering my vibration and it did not feel right. So I made a resolution:: for one week I will let all cars who are trying to switch lanes to go right in front of me. I will slow down or stop and let them go ahead. 

At first this was difficult. I had to slow down my pace, which goes completely against what I had though my natural tendency was (I really like to go FAST). I had to be more observant of those around me. Hm, so it is not all about me. Noted. After a week of practicing the results were in. My life did not change as drastically as I had fantasized. I thought maybe my heart would burst with love for humanity and selfishness would be reversed, and in a small way these things certainly are true. I think the main change though is really simple. I am letting people pass in front of me. It’s just that simple. In one small way I choose to slow down. Little by little I am showing kindness to others in new ways. I am constantly working on growing as an individual and sometimes the little things make a huge difference and sometimes the little things make an average sized difference. It is still a step in a loving direction. 

So if there is something you want to change in your life, big or small, remember that you don’t need any more satisfaction than having made the change. Sometimes the rewards looks different than what we imagined. It is still worth doing. If you feel called to realign your habits, trust your heart and let love be your guide. ❤️