It is Sunday afternoon and I am in Prospect Park in Brooklyn. There is snow all around the bench where I am sitting and across the snowy field children are sledding and laughing with joy. It is remarkably warm out for the last day of January, so much so that I have taken my hat and coat off while I sit. 

Today I have cried a couple times. These sweet little tears were filled with love and joy. I have felt my heart expand in the heat of love as my spirit feels aligned. I feel like I am in exactly the right place

In fact I know I am. 

As many of you know I have not always felt this way. I once felt trapped by my own fears and darkness. My tears were often hot and filled with anger and sadness. I found myself numbing the pulse of pain and surrendering to the anxiety, self medicating and isolating myself from the pain of this life. 

Sometimes change is a series of small intentional steps. Before I knew it, here I am filled with the inner peace that I had been seeking. But how did I get here?

I believe that the key to my personal peace and happiness has been aligning my beliefs with my actions. First I had to believe that all things are possible and I am fully responsible and capable of creating my world. Second I had determine what I truly wanted my life to look like. This can seem like the hardest step at the beginning but I believe that we all know exactly what we want if only we would sit still and listen to the whispers of our heart. I asked myself often, if I could do anything what would I do?

Sometimes the small changes were in the food that I nourish myself with. When my goal is peace in my heart I know that I cannot achieve this peace if the food I eat has been brought to me through pain, suffering, abuse, and death. Other times the change was bigger and required much faith, such as quitting a toxic career. Sometimes the step is every day having faith that money is an energy and not a substance. Often my path to peace has required surrendering to my innate human needs for rest. I think we are often programmed to believe that rushing about will bring us satisfaction – and trust me in an appropriate context it most certainly can – but during my time of transition and growth I found that spending more time in bed for a season allowed my body the space and time to heal. 

Another step has been to step into a lifestyle of wellness. I took my passion for practicing yoga and became a trained yoga teacher and a certified reiki healer. For each individual there may be a different class or topic that can be pursued in a different way. My advice to anyone would be find what brings you joy and dedicate yourself to it. So often I have heard voices both in my head and from seeing my caring individuals that my goals were unachievable. I thought perhaps my dreams were too lofty. Perhaps they weren’t valid. These voices must be silenced at once. They are lies. 

Choose in every moment to only subscribe to truth. I have set a path for myself that includes people, places, and things that I love and enjoy. I believe that absolutely everyone one of us humans are capable of feeling this aligned and this joyful. Anytime there is a shift or change, perhaps without us wanting to, view this as an opportunity. I choose to be excited in all moments, for all things change and who among us can control the pace of life? Instead of resisting I have found freedom in claiming my personal power and hopping into the driver seat. I don’t want life to just happen to me, I want to run into the future with arms wide open and with dreams and intentions in my hands. 

I am infinitely blessed. 

YOU are infinitely blessed. 

Much love ❤️KK
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