I recently subscribed to an email list for bloggers who want to build their success. Although I began this blog more for fun and less for business, I found myself intrigued to see what I could learn from the emails. One of the recommendations was to have a specific blog theme. I have been pondering, what is my theme? What would I like it to be? This leads me to then pondering:: what is the theme of my life? What is my message? I have decided to share my life mission and core beliefs that drive me.


I feel that my message is one of empowerment, encouragement, and love.

I believe strongly in faith, confidence, and a worldview where everyone is powerful and valuable.

I practice that there is no right or wrong, or better or worse, but different. Staying free from judgement allows for safe space of acceptance for all.

I aim to encourage all people ((including myself!)) to love and accept ourselves fully. With this love we can then love each other fully.

I stand for truth and for the confidence and freedom to be unashamedly myself so that I might encourage others to do the same.

I say no to struggle, fear, and suffering. If I feel this way I acknowledge it and let it flow through me. But…

I have unending faith. I believe that everything is always okay. Everything always works out perfectly. Everything is in perfect time.

Best of all I know that I am abundantly blessed and constantly protected.

I believe in sharing, this is why I bother to write. Life does not have to be hard or beat you up. I figured out how to take my power back and build myself up and all I want to do is help others do the same. Sometimes it is hard to receive advice or counsel from others. I hope that learning through the Internet helps it to feel less personal and you can take what you want and leave the rest. No one is perfect and yet we are all perfect just the way we are.

Much love to all who read this.