The time has come to get practical with our manifestation. Magic is quite down to earth, the key is intention. 

I have compiled a few hands on applications for the modern person to easily adopt into their daily and weekly lives. This discipline will foster excitement towards reaching your goals, and this positive energy will give a boost to whatever intentions are being set. 

1. Amazon Wishlist. You may have heard that visualizing or writing down your goals is a way to manifest. I say take it a step further and pick out exactly what it is you wish to add to your life, and add it to your wishlist. Select the public setting so next time someone asks you if you need anything, want anything, or if you find yourself with spending money you have an organized and detailed list to refer to. It takes very little effort at all, in fact this activity can be quite fun and satisfying. You are saying to the world, I want these items! 

2. Sexual Manifestation. Although this concept has been around for centuries, with society becoming more open and expressed we are granted a fresh approach to sexuality. Sexual manifestation can transform situations and your attitude towards them in a huge way. Options include setting an intention with a partner or vocalizing your desires when masturbating alone. I find that loving self talk is exponentially increased in power while masturbating. I am left feeling charged with loving energy and confidence. Taking the time to feel the love we have inside of us is a precious part of being human. 

3. Vision Board. Creating a space where you can write down or paste pictures and words of what you want in your life becomes a vortex for your prayers. I find that sending my stress and worries to the board channels my nervous energy into productive energy to attract what I want. I wake up in the morning and look at my vision board, reminding myself of what I find valuable in this life. 

4. Showering. Channel the healing power of water in your next shower by scrubbing your scalp to clear the mind, visualizing your stress and fears running down the drain and into the center of the earth. From this place of cleanliness you can now ask for whatever you wish. One may seek wisdom for a situation or peace in the heart. As the lower mind quiets under the serene flow of water, the upper mind is able to do its work and send out bright flashes of insight. 

Krista Ray, author and wellness provider shares an insightful excerpt from her current writing project, the book Modern Magic. Follow her on Facebook. To book an intuitive counseling session or mystic crystal healing session email at