Okay friends. Let’s be real.

You always look good.

Let’s smash this idea that humans are ugly and in need of repair. I remove myself from self pity and self hatred. I choose to see myself as magic. I choose to see myself as love.

Let’s look closely at each pore and love it. We are mirrors of crystal rainbows emminating life!

First thing in the morning, you look great! Your skin is breathing the fresh air of the morning. Your eyes bring in light and your brain translates it as image.

I walk down the street and I looks good. My body is nourished by the Sun.

We go swimming and look fantastic. Our bodies drop with water. Our hair slick from the sea. We look fine.

You smile and you light up your face! Your eyes sparkle when you talk, you look good!

There is not an ugly person amongst us, least of all you!

So I’m done thinking anything other than this:: I look wonderful.