For the first time ever I had an Instagram photo removed for inappropriate content. What was this shameful photo you may ask? You have already seen it, for it is the cover photo of this article. 

It was international women’s day and my partner was giving me a breast massage. I had worked from 6am-5:30pm and my partner knows the importance of stimulating the nodes, fascia, and muscles of the human body. We know the calming effects of a breast massage and the decreased cancer and health concerns from receiving this comforting touch. So I snapped a photo in the moment and we both agreed it was adorable. My nipples were completely covered so I figured it would fine for Instagram. ((Have you seen This Instagram))

Why is my innocent photo censored? Because we are growing out of the paradigm of shame. We are learning as a society that the body is to be celebrated and embraced. It is as if we are returning to the garden of eden. I know I am happiest when I am naked in nature. Have you tried it before? You can be public or private, swimming or sun bathing. Yoga, running, dancing, gardening can all be enhanced by the removal of clothing. This allows our connection to who we are to develop. 

I am human. I am earth, wind, fire, and water. These elements also make up this beautiful planet, my home. My beautiful body wants to connect to its family. The trees, birds, grass, and sun all display who they are freely, and so I seek this same unabashed display of humanity. Shame and judgment are outdated systems meant to keep us in fear of being truly alive. Shed your fears and shed your clothes and see how it feels.