Although I rarely seek to travel North, when invited to a cabin in Maine for the weekend with friends I had to say yes. This was my first time entering into the land of lakes and loons, Maine’s native noisy bird.

After brunch in the cozy town of Belfast I went for a canoe ride with James. Paddling around the tiny islands and exploring the open waters is one of my favorite things to do.

We cooked over an open flame with a rigged grill system. Working together as a team we had one person fanning the flames, another cooking the food, as I happily watched with a baby on my lap. While we were cooking the sun set over the lake and it began to rain. The sky dripped with warm colors over the treescape. When the rains became to heavy and the impromptu tarp lean-to no longer sufficed, we gathered in the cabin by the warmth of the wood stove.

As I journey further south and chase the sun I doubt I will enter the state of Maine for a while. The experience that I had will carry me for a long time.❤️