Sitting in the hot bath, I felt emotions rage behind my eyes.

Somewhere inside of me I held a core belief that because I was raised in a religious cult that I had negativity sent to me since before I was born, curses and prayers declaring me a sinner simply for existing and in need of external saving.

Furious at the vision of my unborn body receiving static vibrations and scattering my divine aura into jigsaw pieces, gasp.

No, no, no. I shake my head. I know that I can change this. Time cannot hold me back.
Feeling an emotional break and tears mix with bath water I pray out loud over my baby body, “I hope that your most happy and blissful memories stand out most in your mind throughout your life.”

Words of love poured out of my mouth towards my younger self, fully aware of the infinite dimensions that exist outside of space and time allowing my every intention to actualize instantly.

Like the snap of a finger the wave was over. I took a deep breath and let go.