Gemstones are beautiful no doubt, but that’s not all, they can offer great pleasure in the bedroom. Many people find using crystal adult toys to be beneficial to their sex life as well as physical health.

Consistent use of crystal wands and yoni eggs can help relieve pelvic floor tension which is said to effect roughly one quarter of the population of women. For this purpose I recommend starting with smaller tools and working your way up in size.

Pleasure is a birthright and crystals can help foster a loving space to address sexual and emotional trauma. Hold an intention for your specific desires.

Choosing a stone with qualities you seek to invite in can vary the experience. Personally I have found clear quartz and selenite to be activating whereas rose quartz is soothing and nurturing.

Crystals can be cut and polished to shapes that easily reach the g spot, can safely be used anally, and some mirror human form.

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